The AI Trajectory 2024: Invest for Impact by Swiss Cognitive AI

The AI Trajectory 2024: Invest for Impact by Swiss Cognitive AI

A dynamic, three-hour conference bringing together twenty renowned experts in AI, investors, and visionary business leaders. 

This dynamic, three-hour conference is designed to be a forward-thinking and globally-reaching event, bringing together twenty renowned experts in AI, investors, and visionary business leaders from a variety of industries. This can gather to discuss and evaluate the landscape of AI investments and explore further opportunities.

This event is more than just a meeting of minds—it's a driving force for change. By blending technical expertise with investment acumen, the conference is dedicated to crafting a future where the full potential of AI is realized and effectively utilized.

SwissCognitive, a leading global AI network, was founded in 2016 by Dalith Steiger, an AI thought-leader, and Andy Fitze, a digital transformation strategist. Originating in Switzerland, it has since grown into a vast worldwide community, attracting experts and leaders from a variety of industries and boasting an impressive AI community of over half a million on social media. The network covers more than 30 industry sectors in over 100 countries, showcasing its extensive reach and influence. Since its establishment, SwissCognitive has convened around 500 leaders and AI experts for rich discussions, drawing an audience of over 26,000 people. The event is a testament to the range and depth of conversations that take place within this network.

It features a series of talks and presentations by renowned professionals in AI and technology, covering diverse topics such as AI investment strategies, the future of AI foundational models, AI innovations in supporting dyslexia, and the transformation of the healthcare industry through AI and automation.

Additionally, it includes dialogues on applying computer vision in water management, the evolution of STEM education in the AI era, and AI's influence on music and health.

Krishna Kumar, CEO of GreenPepper, was present at this event, joining these insightful discussions and interacting with fellow AI leaders. The event highlights the inclusive and collaborative spirit of SwissCognitive, which brings together diverse voices from across the globe to discuss and shape the future of AI and machine learning.

This platform not only facilitates important discussions on technological advancements but also delves into the ethical, investment, and directional aspects of these technologies. SwissCognitive's role in fostering these conversations is pivotal in shaping the future landscape of AI and digital transformation.