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We’re a company that creates impactful design and technological solutions for our clients.

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- About us -

GreenPepper's Dynamic

Learn more about our company, vision, and mission.

As a team, we are agile. That keeps us alive in a dynamic world. We are super-curious about how things are changing, and is clearly aware of things. So you don't have to explain a lot to us. We understand, most importantly, we empathise.

MissionTo be passionately curious and do amazing things that can help people.

VisionTo work on things that can help people to lead better lives.

GreenPepper's evolutionary path

From technology hiring, digital transformation and AI education to Generative AI for enterprises we work in a dynamic world


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- Our team -

Leadership Team

Meet the people that make it all happen.

  • Krishna KumarCo-founder and CEO

    KK drives Gen AI innovation and teams to build solutions for enterprises.

  • Nisha J KCo-Founder & Director

    Nisha finds talent to drive innovation projects and builds systems.

  • Varsha MenonTalent Acquisition

    Varsha explores and connects leaders and possibilities.