Google's Bard Vs ChatGPT 4

Google's Bard Vs ChatGPT 4

Simpler breakdown of how Google's Gemini and OpenAI's GPT-4 compare:

1. Test Scores: Gemini did a bit better than GPT-4 in some school-level tests. Gemini got 59.4% and GPT-4 got 56.8% in one test. In another, Gemini scored 90% while GPT-4 got 86.4%.

2. What They Do Best: Gemini is good at working with different types of data and doing things directly on devices like phones. GPT-4 is better at coming up with creative answers and handling a wide range of topics.

3. Head-to-Head: In most tests (30 out of 32), Gemini was just a little bit better than GPT-4. But the difference wasn't very big.

4. Type of AI: Gemini is different from GPT-4, which mainly works with text. It has some unique abilities, but the details weren't given in the article.

5. Getting Better: Both Gemini and GPT-4 are being improved, especially to make them safer.

In short, Gemini is slightly ahead of GPT-4 in some areas, but the difference isn't huge. They're both good at different things, so the best one to use depends on what you need it for.