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Tech hiring- What best you can do

People think that tech recruiters don’t care much about you. People also feel they’re incentivized to send lots of referrals, they won’t dig deep into your GitHub profile, your bloggare, or your prime areas of expertise. They won’t ask you about your long term goals, or your dream job. They have a list of clients looking for a particular list of buzzwords, and they’re looking for developers who might have a chance of getting to an interview, using the absolute minimum effort they can expend to find them. In the meantime, there are hundreds of thousands of open positions for developers many of which have multiple recruiters working on them. Once a developer has built up a track record and any kind of blogs recruiters zoom in on that social proof. They know that those candidates will be hot prospects, and that they’ll earn more money for referring them than they could referring junior developers. The fact is here tech recruiters is not trained properly to perform a decent screen. They spot keywords on resumes, and if they see matches, they reach out and try to line up an interview, flooding companies with prospects who couldn’t code up an app if their life depended on it.This wastes an enormous amount of company time. Recruiters charge companies 10–20% per hired employee for the privilege. To save money on fees, companies frequently hire in-house recruiters. It’s high time they should be more like a tech evangelist (content and speaking), set up interviews with tech leads, and get out of the way. For that

  • Have your best interest at heart.
  • Get to know the people well,  from the tech pre-screen, to their long-term career goals.
  • Negotiate and land better deals, leveraging their social proof. Be professional negotiators. Negotiate with people who know and trust them, and they lend a tremendous amount of social proof to your resume.
  • Conduct great pre-screens, and an excellent reputation for referring only the best. This puts you in a much stronger position.

Tech hiring- What best you can do


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