GreenPepper Recruitment School (GRS)

Learn the method to hire faster. 

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GreenPepper’s Recruitment School is a 4-week bootcamp for aspiring professionals, who wants to make a start in the recruiting industry and level up by building hands-on skills and insights through experimentation, creativity and data. We are driven by passion and market intelligence to give you a robust learning experience helping you to launch your career in recruiting.

4 week recruiter bootcamp

Week 01 - Warming up

2 Masterclasses ( Total 3 hours)

-Understanding the recruitment basics
-Building yourself to become a better recruiter
-Confidence, clarity and conviction
-How does recruiting work in different industries?
-Trends in recruiting
-Talent community building
-New age tools in recruiting

Week 03 - Hands on

1 Masterclass (90 minutes)

-Sourcing mandate
-Roadmap building
-Sourcing through different channels
-Candidate mapping
-Candidate calls and engagement
-Interviews management

Week 02 - Going deeper

2 Masterclasses (Total 3 hours)

-Tools of recruiting
-Sourcing channels
-Understanding skills
-Understanding roles
-Understanding organizational hierarchies
-Using tools for constant learning and understanding
-Agency Recruiting and Corporate Recruiting

Week 04 - Results driven

Learning by doing (6 hours)

-Candidate conversations to closure
-Negotiation techniques
-Feedback review
-Sourcing refinements



Yes, it is totally free.

You will be certified by GreenPepper as a Recruiter and would be eligible for our placement with companies as a recruiter. No charges for you.

Yes, you can. You work for 2 weeks to close an open position and if the candidate joins, you get paid.

Write an email to and follow us in – to get an invite for the program. There will be a brief selection process. Once you get through it, we will onboard you to the program.

You can join the next cohort, and continue learning to finish the program. But you have to start from Week 01.