Senior Software Engineer – Platform

March 1, 2022
1200000 - 1800000 / year

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Job Description

  • Analyze software requirements to determine feasibility of technical design within time and cost constraints.
  • Design software based on project requirements, system performance, and user interfaces.
  • Develop micro-service based application components.
  • Work extensively with Java development and web development tools applying principles of object-oriented design.
  • Provide technical leadership for end-to-end project design and development.
  • Design and develop automation test systems for software issue automatic detection.
  • Run and monitor software test systems to correct errors and improve performance.
  • Document software functionalities and product technologies to help further development and maintenance.
  • Contribute to architecture and technical design discussions and code review in collaboration with the project team.
  • Consult with product management team about user needs and software requirements.
  • Participate in customer calls and provide assistance to support team to help address technical issues.
  • Work with Agile methodology for software development process.

Required Skills

● 4-6 years of Full Stack Software development experience with particular focus on backend technologies 

● Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Computer Science 

● Knowledge of MERN or MEAN stack and Javascript 

● Knowledge of MongoDB 

● Experience of working on software development teams building from the ground-up for scalability and maintainability 

● Experience with Cloud Deployment