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How to work effectively with a hiring agency?

While I pitch with new clients, most of the hiring managers say that working with hiring agencies to take a lot of their time and only 10% of them bring results. There are many reasons but primarily because they do not validate their agencies properly during selection and empanelment.

What are the 5 things which really matter in selecting a hiring partner?

1. A detailed call with the recruiter who is going to do the sourcing hands-on.

2. Understanding whether the agency has a proper incentive structure in place to reward their recruiters.

3. Understanding their enthusiasm and priority for the hiring mandates.

4. Starting with one position to know their sourcing skills and reliability.

5. Giving them prompt and precise feedback for improving the search

These things can improve the conversion and success of working with hiring partners dramatically.

The blog post is written by a seasoned leadership hiring expert and director of GreenPepper, Nisha JK.


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