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Future of Hiring

Ever thought what is future of recruiting in an agency and employer perspective? As a team of recruitment specialists who have worked with 400+ companies in 21 industry verticals and across geographies at junior management to CEOs, in the last 7 years, we brainstormed today afternoon, to extract clarity from this complexity. . Here are 9 ideas which we feel will change the game.

1)       Employers will have to understand the talent market reality better and stop posting heavy job descriptions which ask for out of the world skills for under market price. They need to look at talent based on performance and open the doors to wider segment of employable people and invest in developing them. This will help in providing employment to a huge pool that the employers ignore now.

2)      Recruiters in future will work on employer branding, PR and marketing rather than candidate identification alone as technology will help in matching the profile and will do behavioral assessment giving less chances for human judgment errors.  Relationship marketing will be the key.

3)      Talent acquisition teams and HR people will be like sales people running around to attract talent, develop and retain them. Their performance based on the performance of people whom they hire.  That will attract premium.

4)      Hiring managers will source candidates themselves and the employer would look at that as the hot core skill to work in HR. Only niche hiring will be outsourced to executive search agencies.

5)      Even when the technology dominates the hiring scene, the candidates need to be spoken with. It requires high level of persuasion and assertiveness skills.

6)      Data privacy of candidate information will become more relevant posing new challenges to recruiters.

7)      Talent Heads will be marketing superstars of the company who makes the company’s mission critical projects possible by attracting people to work on it.

8)      Online talent communities will emerge and thrive making it hot targets for recruiters and recruiting will be using mobile.

9)      Big data analytics in recruiting will help to understand patterns and help to improve hiring decisions.

We think the future is closer than we feel.  What is your prediction? Appreciate your thoughts.  You can write to krishnakumar@greenpepper.in


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