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Hiring Director- Tech in SaaS

Our brief was to identify and attract a Director- Tech in the SaaS technology space for US based SaaS company in Mumbai, with the ability to double the size of the Engineering team within 12 months and play a leading role in the development of the business commercial strategy. This was a confidential position shared by the US team. Suitable candidates needed to have a balance of technical expertise and outstanding leadership skills. Cultural fit was also a key consideration as the role reported directly to one of the company founders.




GreenPepper invested a significant amount of time gaining valuable insight in to the business. We comprehensively mapped all suitable high-growth technology companies. We were able to identify and engage with a wide range of prospective target candidates through linkedin. After a thorough qualifying phase, we identified 4 highly qualified individuals whose outstanding track records in comparable companies stood them out as suitable candidates. They’d to attend 6-8 levels of discussions.  Following these meetings, GreenPepper submitted a shortlist of 3 candidates who matched both the technical and cultural requirements of the brief.




GreenPepper enabled the client to identify and attract two individuals who they considered an “exceptional fit.” After consideration the client decided to hire one of the two individuals, a senior technology manager from a global technology company who joined them in a month’s time.


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