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Top SaaS-based HR tools in India for SMEs. 

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  1. Zimyo 

  •         Zimyo is a one stop solution for your HR needs from Payroll to recruitment management

  1. ZOHO People

  • A simple yet comprehensive HR software that aids the HR department to carry out complex HR tasks without any hassles.

  1. Bamboo HR

  • If you are a small and medium scale business, then Bamboo HR helps you to carry out all HR activities including recruitment time tracking benefits administration and so on

  1. ZingHR

  • ZingHR is equipped with AI-enabled technology and supports over 21 languages and provide features such as virtual HR assistant, Geo tracking and Geo fencing etc. 

  1. Beehive HRMS

  • They offer a comprehensive suit that provides an intelligent tool to manage performance, payroll and HR activities

  1. sumHR

  •  An all-in-one comprehensive HR and payroll software that has helped start-ups and SMEs to automate their processes in India.

  1. Keka

  • It offers services like time tracking, attendance management, leave management and payroll management to enable HR leaders to make well informed decisions.

  1. Darwin Box

  • Darwin box provides an end-to-end HCM platform that helps in recruitment, onboarding and help manage employee engagement activities

  1. Pocket HRMS 

  • It is a SAAS based HRMS platform that provides flexibility and scalability to HR processes

  1. HR Mantra

  • One of the oldest companies in the industry that provides state of the art technology that helps in psychometric tests, recruitment management with great security features