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Forward-thinking HR Solutions

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There are forward-thinking HR solutions to facilitate high-performing and fun cultures in companies. Here are a few of them.

1. Welcome.com– There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a great candidate to a competing offer. Welcome lets you generate data-driven and exciting offer letters.

2. Donut.com is a clever Slack app that can introduce new hires to folks throughout the company. It’s particularly useful for remote workers.

3. New hires want to hit the ground running, but it’s shocking how frequently a system or required software isn’t available on day one for them to actually start working.

4. Electric.ai handles all of that and more with automated hardware and software provisioning. Voluntary turnover is so disruptive and expensive. It’s also a vicious cycle — every employee that leaves increases the workload and stress for employees that stay, pushing them closer to leaving, too. Employee engagement is the key to retaining talent and getting foresight into problem areas.

5. CultureAmp.com is like Typeform built specifically for people teams. Their templated surveys are clever and powerful, with built-in benchmarking so that you can see how your company compares to similar cohorts.

6. Goethena.com makes modern anti-harassment training that’s dynamic, relevant, and impactful.

7. From onboarding new employees to birthday announcements, teamgather.co helps automate some of the more basic HR functions so you can get to everything. An emerging and exciting category in people operations is employee wellbeing and appreciation.

8. Employee burnout is at an all-time high, and top talent recognizes when you don’t have good intentions with your wellbeing benefits. Joon.io is a frictionless and flexible well-being application.

9 StashWealth.com offers workshops so that your employees can take control of their financial wellbeing and actually appreciate your holistic compensation packages.

\10. In agile companies, little things that employees do every day add up to big wins over time. Bonusly.ly is a pleasant and fun way to give kudos and show appreciation to colleagues.

11. BetterUp.com offers self-serve and coaching-based leadership training to help your top talent keep improving.

12. Pingboard.com helps your employees navigate departments and make connections faster with a slick org chart.

Do you think I missed any HR solution? Please comment below.